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i must warn you, this is not a happy dream.

this is not a nightmare, but it is not a happy dream.

as soon as i woke up, i grabbed a paper and pen to write everything down, these are the results.

V                                                       V                                                 V

-the clifford crew was together.(what my group of friends and i call ourselves) it was the zombie apocalypse. me, austin, james, carlos, bryan p, leroy, and aria were together at some sort of park, fighting off zombies with improvised weapons to get to our escape van. we barely succeeded, and we drove to our safe spot, which was a large fenced off area, packed with survivors, very near our city. nicole and most of our parents were there, working at our camp. we all decided to take a little rest together, and so we sat around, and nicole started talk of a place she knew would be fresh clothes for us. me, austin, bryan p, and aria were down for the adventure, so off we drove, up to the mall, which worried me.

"its fine, these ones are all kind of... well, dead." nicole said as bryan, aria, austin and i stared in horror at the hundreds of torn apart bodies on the first floor, below us. she walked us into the backroom of some store, and we each picked out some stuff we liked. i got new jeans, a new shirt, and better shoes. we headed back to the van, and the entire time at the mall, only one zombie poked her head up and gurgled at us. nicole was right. somehow, i found myself being the only one wondering how and why they all...went to sleep.

we were back at camp now, and we met up with the rest of the group, shared crazy-impressive zombie fighting stories, and walked around camp together. within our large safety camp boundaries, theres a small alley, and almost tiny, crappy, shopping center. this is where we were walking through. we were all chatting, but the group was getting generally too loud. "you guys, shut up! theyre going to hear us!" i whisper-yelled at them in annoyance. and of course by "they" i meant the undead munchers. they laughed at me, and laughed off the idea of them hearing us, but right as we got to the end of the street and looked to our left down another street, we saw them. munchers. everywhere. "shit! you guys! shit! shit!!" i whisper-yelled again, this time in anger mostly. we frantically looked for an escape route, we were in a fork in the road after all. austin pointed out a creepy alley way that seemed to have no movement in it. we all sprinted as fast as we could. we passed one female walker in a nightgown, but once we got away, we all started laughing hysterically, like it was some sick game. like a trick we were playing on ourselves. i shrugged it off. im just glad we escaped.

the rest of the group walks off, but i dont see nicole. "ah crap." i pass the group and come full circle back to the shitty shopping center we walked through. the group says they'll see me later. once i get to the shopping center, i go into the clothing store nicole often visits, hoping shes there. when i enter the store i see her next to a rack of clothes against a wall, and i hear her whispering. "what is she...?" and then i hear the key word. "no.." yes. sister. it all came to me then. i see nicole's extremely secretive journal she normally keeps by her side, on a table next to me. i grab it and run back to the group as fast as i can.

the group is getting into the van, about to go on another trip to gather supplies. i rush up panting desperately. they are immediately concerned. "whats wrong. wheres nicole." "she's fine, shes fine.." the group is relieved but confused. "guys, nicole. she's keeping a zombie here." they begin to laugh. i slam her journal on the car, hard. "its her sister. shes keeping her hidden in the clothes store" everyones jaws drop. "how did she..? why..." nicole is walking up to the van. i quickly hide her journal. "hey guys! is there room for me for this trip?" she asks. "yeah...lets head out, guys, come on." replies bryan p. there is an awkward tension in the car.

we drive up to my neighborhood, my street even. we get out, i prepare to enter my house with james for supplies. the group is all out of the van scoping the area, preparing to cover me and james in case of an emergency. suddenly i hear a faint buzzing noise growing louder. "what is...?" i look up. there, in the sky above us, glides a plane. its a bomber. "BOMBING PLANE" i yell to the group. "UNDER COVER!!" bryan p yells in reply. we've heard of these planes, but never thought we'd see one above us. supposedly they bomb areas with a lot of munchers. but the trouble is, how do you tell who's a muncher and who's a group of survivors? you bomb giant crowds anyways just to be safe. hopefully survivors will scatter, as we are in the process of doing. we all went under cover, but i went under my over-grown front yard tree, but austin went across the street the other way. i couldnt stand the thought of not being next to him, in case they bombed too close to us. i ran across my street to him, but apparently he did the same thing. we met in the middle of the street, and because we were in view of the sky, we saw the sight. hundreds, upon hundreds, of bombing planes, gliding southwards toward us. the group came into the street. they were closer and they saw it too. we gathered together. i looked up at austin. he was crying. it made me cry. i buried my face in him. thats when i first realized it. its almost like he even whispered it to me.

we're trapped.

we've been quarantined.

^                                                    ^                                                    ^

i woke up. its 8:16am and its raining outside.
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Triadus Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Man, I had a zombie apocalypse dream once, in which I was the sole survivor of my family, and my brother crashed a 747 into our neighbor's yard.
bano--kagi Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
i love survival stories. they are usually very beautiful in tragic ways.
TtheLeviathan Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist
Looks like someone has been watching to many zombie movies lately ._.
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